Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services


Bouldin & English, Inc. is a full service commercial real estate brokerage company, assisting clients in the sales and leasing of office, flex, industrial and retail properties and land. As commercial property owners themselves, Bouldin & English, Inc. brings a greater perspective and understanding to the transactions they represent.

With a focus on commercial real estate brokerage, Bouldin & English, Inc. offers comprehensive services to clients seeking assistance with the sales and leasing of various types of properties, including office spaces, flex buildings, industrial facilities, retail properties, and more, and all these properties can have epoxy flooring uk to look even better and be more valuable.

What sets Bouldin & English, Inc. apart is their unique perspective as commercial property owners themselves. This firsthand experience allows them to bring a deeper understanding and insight to the transactions they represent, enabling them to better serve the needs of their clients.

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Sales transactions represented by Bill Bouldin and/or Glenn English since 2000 include:

PropertyDate SoldSales Price
Office Building – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA12/27/16$831,000
Industrial Building - Orange Grove Ave., North Highlands, CA01/26/16$3,750,000
Industrial/Flex – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA11/30/15$3,075,000
Office/Flex – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA10/03/14$695,000
Office – Whitehead Street, Mather, CA03/14/14$550,000
Industrial Building – Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA2/16/12$1,800,000
Industrial Land – Outfall Cir., Sacramento, CA10/13/11$200,000
Office Project – Howe Ave., Sacramento, CA9/30/10$11,276,250
Office Building – Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA9/5/08$4,915,000
Flex Building –  Old Placerville Rd, Sacramento, CA (50%)8/29/08$3,511,460
Industrial Building –  Folsom Blvd.., Rancho Cordova, CA8/21/08$3,750,000
Industrial Project –  Folsom Blvd., Rancho Cordova, CA8/21/08$3,750,000
Office Building – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA (50%)3/20/08$1,005,520
Office Building – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA11/1/07$2,230,000
Office Building – Sun Center Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA4/2/07$1,950,000
Industrial Building – Kristi Court, Sacramento, CA3/30/07$1,400,000
Industrial Project – Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA3/9/07$3,888,000
Office Project – Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA1/4/07$10,500,000
Retail Building – Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA11/8/06$2,850,000
Retail Project-  Natomas Crossing Dr. Sacramento, CA10/31/06$12,077,752
Industrial Building – Kristi Court, Sacramento, CA8/4/06$1,165,000
Flex Building – Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA5/19/06$1,330,000
Office Building – Iron Point Way, Folsom, CA2/24/06$3,900,000
Office Building – Madison Avenue, Citrus Heights, CA 02/21/06$550,000
Industrial Building –  F Street, West Sacramento, CA2/17/06$3,715,000
Office Project – Gold Express Dr, Gold River, CA12/20/05$6,056,000
Industrial Building –  Bradview Drive, Sacramento, CA5/10/05$1,000,000
Industrial Building –  F Street, West Sacramento, CA4/21/05$3,850,000
Industrial Building –  Gold River Road, Gold River, CA12/3/04$867,000
Flex Building – Business Drive, Sacramento, CA7/20/04$725,559
Office Building – Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA6/24/04$3,000,000
Office Building – Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA6/2/04$1,100,000
Industrial Building – Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA5/6/04$2,000,000
Office Building – Response Road, Sacramento, CA4/6/04$1,255,000
Industrial Building – Bradview Drive, Sacramento, CA10/2/03$720,000
Industrial Land – Kristi Court, Sacramento, CA1/8/03$275,000
Industrial Building – Harlin Drive, Sacramento, CA4/15/03$450,000
Office Building – Hurley Avenue, Sacramento, CA1/14/03$5,700,000
Office Building – Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA11/14/02$1,800,000
Office Building – Madison Avenue, Sacramento, CA11/14/02$925,000
Industrial Building – Roseville Road, North Highlands, CA10/24/02$2,155,000
Office Building – Old Placerville Road, Sacramento, CA4/10/02$1,660,000
Office Building – River Park Drive, Sacramento, CA11/7/01$1,100,000
Office Building – Santa Clara Drive, Roseville, CA9/17/01$3,450,000
Office Project –  Lincoln Village Drive, Sacramento, CA6/30/01$5,400,000
Retail Building – Olson Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA6/13/01$1,590,000
Office Building – Sunrise Boulevard, Gold River, CA1/30/01$2,600,000
Industrial Building – Bradview Drive, Sacramento, CA10/26/00$530,000
Office Project – Old Placerville Rd., Sacramento, CA10/15/00$1,885,000
Flex Building – Del Paso Road, Sacramento, CA7/31/00$1,035,000
Flex Building – Business Drive, Sacramento, CA7/6/00$960,000
Office Building – Sun Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA5/23/00$1,600,000
Office Building – Gold Canal Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA2/10/00$1,300,000
Industrial Building – Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA1/14/00$1,008,000

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